About us and Vision of TrueLight.social

It was back in 2018 Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt heard during their personal prayer time that God spoke to their hearts and the Holy Spirit revealed the need to build a new social network. It was impressed upon them that in the very near future social networks would become more corrupt and spiritually dangerous to a Christ centered family. They would become overly restrictive of the Gospel message, and be a liberal source of spying and tracking of people.

Being Ministers for over 20 years they have experienced for their self online persecution from sites like YouTube threatening to remove all of their video content from 16 years of online ministry and putting their account in banned status for periods of time in the past. During that time they would not allow them to post updates or live stream to YouTube with any content. That banning has happened three times.

Gary and Rhonda not only feel a calling to make TrueLight.social a safe place for family, marriages and children but also a launching pad for Christian artist, musicians, actors and film makers. We also seek to be a place of encouragement and great help for the already going independent Christian recording artists and worship leaders.

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