As we progress forward with our mission as God’s social network we are so grateful for your prayers and support. While we navigate this journey we must continue to cover TLS ( expenses and daily operation such as server costs, technical maintenance, mass marketing, employee payroll and “keeping the lights on”, so to speak. We believe that Gods heart is also to rally us all together to greatly fuel many missions that you can read about in detail from the link below.

Rather than have us charge our members with a monthly plan, we humbly ask you to help fuel His missions. Your giving will ensure TLS will continue to be the family friendly safe online community for all of His people to join.

The suggested minimum love offering for membership is $5.00, this is well below the costs of other social networks with membership fees such as Gab with $15.00/mo and X with $8.00/mo.

In the future we may be adding membership tiers. Yet, for now we simply ask that you take a few moments and send your love offering through our secure giving link or mail in your offering after you become a member. We are so grateful for this much needed gift and welcome you to the community.

Together We Are a Fueled Mission & Mission Fueler

  • Currently funding Orphans & Widows

    Provide aid and ministry to orphans and widows in Israel and the U.S.A. with an already well established mission that we are currently funding.

  • Currently funding Israeli War Relief

    Help us send money directly to Israeli war relief, Israeli soldiers and to those effected by the conflict through an already well established mission that we are currently funding.

  • TrueLight operational costs

    Together let's make sure that is growing quickly and strong with all expenses of daily operation well covered. We appreciate your giving to keep the TrueLight lit.

Where We're Going (Future Missions)

  • Christian Films

    Help fuel the filming and music arts by giving into the creation and production of professional full length Christian movies that will not only entertain but also teach the Word of God, win souls, strengthen the Church by bringing an endless source of faith building true life testimonies, supernatural miracles, stories of amazing grace filled with the love truth and power of the Lord Jesus in ongoing full length episodes. Jesus said "if I be lifted up I will draw ALL mankind to me." Note: If you have a testimony and would like to share it in an upcoming film you can contact Actor/Director Rocky Campos and Actor/Director/Musician Will Blanton.

  • Children's Network

    Help us fuel and produce a safe clean children's learning and entertainment network with faith building cartoons, movies, and games in the near future. With pure story time segments keeping it clean and righteous with no occult, no seductive graphics, no violence, no racism, no homosexual nor transgender suggestions. Lets protect the children's innocence. Note : If you have a pure children's programing idea and or material you would like us to take a look at for using here at TLS contact Worship Minister/ Co-Founder Rhonda Petzoldt.

  • Prayer Network

    Another vision is to have a ministry hotline to those in immediate need of prayer and Bible counsel with a well trained, experienced, and anointed prayer intercessor that will be on the other end of the phone for people in immediate need of Jesus Words, faith filled prayer and help. Our vision is to use large billboards with a contact number and the World Wide Web for the outreach. Note: If you would like to be considered in this group of prayer intercessors for this work contact Ministers/Founders Gary & Rhonda Petzoldt

  • Independent Christian Artists

    Provide an encouraging audience for Christian indie (independent) music artist and comedians with an outlet for the indies to broadcast recordings from our online radio and sell their recordings to the TLS audience directly from our soon upcoming online studio. Established and upcoming Artist you are encouraged to contact our Marketing Director Will Blanton. He is a great guy and will be glad to help you.

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