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Lisa Shultz

United States

After the frustration of being forced to type “in code” to avoid censorship from big media, it was truly refreshing to find, where we can all speak plainly! All are welcome to share, to think and to learn together! We may “let iron sharpen iron,” but always respectfully, as adults should do. I do not have to hide my faith here, but continually focus on Jesus Christ, the True Light of the World.

Stian Fjell

Norway bypasses Big Tech censorship and enables me to share my ministry, socialise, and learn from other Christians. I recommend TrueLight to all believers and would love to see this network grow into it’s full potential, as a tool for God! Sign Up Today! serves as a safe place platform for faith based social networking, media, talent, testimonies, and stories.  

Where your information is yours and the family as a whole can connect while sharing the power of His word.

Messenger + Video/Audio Chat instant private message system includes video and audio calling. Private messaging and video/audio calls can only be done with those you are friends with. You can block users if needed or even add more friends to the conversation.

Share Your Posts On Other Networks

If you have marked your post content or group as publicly viewable then such posts can be quickly exported to your other network channels such as Facebook, X, Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Telegram.


4 default Privacy settings for users’ content: Public, Site Members, Friends Only & Only Me.


Users can report content they may find offensive or spam material. Our community moderators will get notified about it.


Add hashtags (#contenttopic) to your posts to find other like minded users with shared interests and related posts.


Open, Closed, Secret and Announcement (post only) groups can be created. Community users can create private groups as an admin, send invites with full control over content shared and it’s members.

Sensitive Content Filter

We understand sometimes content can be graphic, such as war news images or videos. Users have the ability to mark their post when published as sensitive and it will automatically be blurred to warn viewer it is sensitive content. Viewer will need to click to accept to see the post.

Friends & Follow

Creating connections is at the core of every community. Users can mention (tag) their friends in status updates and comments. And if you need to block someone you can. Users can also decide who can post on their wall, etc.,.

Scheduled Posts

We understand sometimes you just need to schedule your posts in advance for later in the day or on another day. Our scheduled posts feature is easy and fast to apply.

Community Filter Feed

You can filter what you see in the community feed such as: posts from the entire community, friends only, groups and people you follow and saved posts.

Disable Commenting

Post authors can disable comments on their posts, should they need or desire to do so.

Reactions To Posts

Users can react in multiple ways to posts with like or love and also our special unique reactions such as Amen and Praying

Photo Albums

Create and share your own photo albums for the community to enjoy. Or just make them available to your friends only. Your choice.

Animated Giphy

Send GIPHY gifs in comments and chat. It’s a great way to react to a post or a message. Our GIPHY database is rated G.

  • No Google Analytics

    We do not use Google analytics to gather information on you that collects your web browser cookies and information to present you secular ads.

  • No Google Ads Displayed

    We do not use secular advertising services such as Google or Bing to display ads. Doing so would allow Big Tech companies to collect and sell your data just to show you ads and also we would have very little control over what kind of graphic image and text ads are displayed for you and your family. Therefore, we offer advertising on the platform that is available only for family friendly or Christian advertisers.

  • Analytics

    We use our own built-in analytics to monitor daily visits to help us understand user global demographics and how to improve the network based on search engine optimization keywords. All analytics data and user information is stored on our secure and private website server with firewall protection.

  • Data Storage

    All of data is backed up daily and kept secure.

  • Verified User Check

    To ensure and verify knowing the group or person that you follow is authentically “who they say they are” we offer blue check mark verification to those who want or need it.

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